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One Small Step

Anime / アニメ
Dr. Stone, Dr. Stone: Stone WarsDr. StoneDr. Stone: Stone Wars
Details / 詳細
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Artist(s) / 歌手、バンド
Laura Pitt-PulfordLaura Pitt-Pulford
No where to turn
No where to hide
Between a rock and a hard place
Someone to find
I know that times are tough,
Just down and out putting my faith in tomorrow

No way to know, so I'll just follow my heart
Each and every road seems to be calling to me
I'll keep moving on so there's no looking back
A deep breath and my best foot forward

One small step from zero to start again
If we want to be strong have to believe that we can
Just taking one small step to hero to make a change
And start brand new, I'll be wishing for the same thing I always do
It's always you

All the hope we have is right here in our hands
The future's left unseen, just a blank page
All the strength I need is right here in me
Just need one small step to carry on